Boys Lacrosse Equipment

  1. Lacrosse Stick:

    • The lacrosse stick consists of a head and shaft. The head has a mesh pocket for catching and throwing the ball, while the shaft provides the handle. Players often choose sticks based on their position and personal preferences.
  2. Helmet:

    • A lacrosse helmet is crucial for protecting the player's head. It typically includes a facemask and chin strap. Ensure that the helmet complies with safety standards and fits securely on the player's head.
  3. Gloves:

    • Lacrosse gloves protect players' hands and fingers during the game. They are designed to provide both flexibility and impact resistance.
  4. Shoulder Pads:

    • These pads protect the shoulders, chest, and upper arms. They are essential for minimizing the risk of injury from body checks and collisions during play.
  5. Arm Pads:

    • Arm pads cover the lower part of the arms, offering protection from stick checks and impacts. They are particularly important for players who handle the ball frequently.
  6. Cleats:

    • Lacrosse cleats provide traction on the field, helping players move quickly and efficiently. Look for cleats with durable studs suitable for various playing surfaces.
  7. Mouthguard:

    • A mouthguard is crucial for protecting the teeth and mouth during play. Many leagues require players to wear a mouthguard for safety reasons.
  8. Cup:

    • A protective cup is essential for male players to guard against injury. It provides protection to the groin area during the game.
  9. Athletic Supporter:

    • An athletic supporter, or compression shorts with a built-in cup pocket, is worn to provide additional support for the groin and pelvic region.
  10. Equipment Bag:

    • A durable equipment bag helps players organize and transport their gear to and from games and practices.
  11. Water Bottle:

    • Staying hydrated is crucial during any physical activity, so a reusable water bottle is an essential accessory.


Girls Lacrosse Equipment

  1. Lacrosse Stick

  2. Lacrosse Head

  3. Lacrosse Shaft

  4. Lacrosse Goggles:

    • safety goggles to protect the eyes during play.
  5. Mouthguard:

    • properly fitted mouthguard for protection.
  6. Cleats

  7. Gloves:

    • lacrosse gloves, focus on protection, flexibility, and grip.
  8. Equipment Bags:

    • practical and durable equipment bags to help players organize and transport their gear.